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 Philosophy & Curriculum 


Birthed out of a home in the Berkeley Hills, The Heart Centered Preschool is a year-round preschool for children. Our preschool program supports the emotional, creative, and entrepreneurial development of children. Our curriculum is based on a weekly and daily rhythm which supports your child’s first years of development. We model our Rhythm of the Day from the breath - breathing in, engaging with activities which draw our attention & breathing out, engaging with activities which encourage expansion and free-play.

Our Heart Centered Pedagogy is based upon three principles: 

  • Nurturing children towards healthily embracing every emotion that arises. 

  • Cultivating a deep and meaningful relationship with our breath 

  • Supporting the intimacy that our children have with their own development through great joy and acceptance.

 "I see you. I hear you. I see you, love." These words make 
                                                    a child's heart bloom.   

Preschool Communication 

Every ounce of communication between teachers and parents is greatly appreciated. We take full joy and care in communicating your child’s day through charts and documentation:

  • Organic Meal & Snack Menu. 

  • Nap Chart, specifying how long your child napped or rested. 

  • Bathroom Chart, specifying any urinations or bowel movements your child had throughout the day.

  • Our Online Preschool Album, a life-long photo album that highlights our moments of the day through text and images.


The Heart Centered Preschool ™

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